Alexander Chapman Campbell
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New album Journey to Nidaros Out Now

An unexpected album composed spontaneously during a 650km solitary pilgrimage across Norway, this new collection for solo piano offers a remarkable musical journal of Alexander's experiences:


“I imagined it to be a time of swimming in rivers, exploring mountains and deep-green forests. It ended up being all of these things, but with the added unimagined discovery of music, which gradually emerged from the pianos I found on the path.”


Alexander has forged a unique musical path for himself. His music has become known for its striking beauty and originality. Described by Positive News as “not jazz, not classical, not improvised, but a glimpse of something new”, and by ClassicFM as “refreshingly original”, it isn’t easily described or placed into a genre.  Read more


"Deserves repeated listening" ClassicFM

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