Time has been doing what time does best - it keeps the world in motion, and what seemed like a distant event - the release of Portraits of Earth - is now almost here. Not that I feel busy today. I’m writing these words at home, surrounded by the hills and forests of Northern Scotland. Snow is falling outside and the world is quiet. It’s a place where I’m very grateful to live. Apart from the ancient forests, rushing rivers and mountains of the Highlands, I love snow. I could sit here all day and watch it fall. In fact, I keep pausing between words to stare out of the window. I find it mesmerising. It stirs feelings in me that I cannot explain. Every crystal is a unique creation - each one a wondrous design of exquisite, other-worldly beauty. And there is something in the way that it falls; the patterns, the motion.

I realise I don’t need to understand how a snowflake is formed to appreciate it, but knowing the little that I do does seem to increase my wonder. Here I am, sitting at my window, watching a million individual crystals floating down out of a white heaven. What amazes me is that we are surrounded my nature’s unspeakable and beautiful mysteries and yet they appear to most of us, most of the time, as completely ordinary. And perhaps for good reason - if we were to be continually in awe we might find it hard to do anything else, like me getting distracted from writing this blog. But how wonderful it can be to stop and look; for me the world is a free miracle, available to us all.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on this blog - it feels nice to put thoughts into words and to share them. And I look forward to sharing news of my Portraits of Earth as we speed towards the 8th of April. I love the unknown of an album launch. I’m offering my musical work to the world and I have little idea of what is going to happen next. Along with the snow, it’s another mystery in my life that I’m currently enjoying and am very grateful for.

Alexander Chapman Campbell